20 May 2013

I Was A Real Life Pimp - Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion as he calls himself nowadays, has made enough songs about pimping to convince anybody he was or is a real-life pimp. In the latest issue of ‘Rolling Stone’ , Mr. Lion admits that he did infact live that life.

“I put an organization together. I did a Playboy tour, and I had a bus follow me with ten b***hes on it,” he recalls . “I could fire a b***h, f**k a b***h, get a new h*: It was my program. City to city, t***y to t***y, hotel room to hotel room, athlete to athlete, entertainer to entertainer.”

“If I’m in a city where where the Denver Broncos or the Nuggets play, I get a couple of they players to come hangout, pick and choose, and whichever one you like comes with a number. A lot of athletes bought p***y from me.”

While most pimps would make a large amount of money from the business however, Snoop was nice enough to letthe girls keep the money.

“I’d act like I’d take the money from the b***h, but I’d let her have it. It was never about the money; it was about the fascination of being a pimp . . . As a kid I dreamed of being a pimp, I dreamed of having cars and clothes and b*****s to match. I said, ‘F**k it – I’m finna do it.”

Snoop Lion released his reggae album ‘Re-incarnated’ April 23rd. The album features Drake, Peter Tosh, Mavado, daughter Cori B among others.

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