16 Mar 2015

Igiebor Urges National Assembly To Enact New Constitution For Nigeria.

An elder statesman and a prominent politician
in Edo State Dr. Emmanuel Igiebor has
revealed a divine message allegedly received
from the ancestors concerning Nigeria and
her political development.
Addressing newsmen in Benin City Dr.
Emmanuel Igiebor said it has been revealed to
him that the amalgamation of the Northern
and Southern protectorates did not favour four
geopolitical zones out of the six geo-political
zones in Nigeria today.
Dr. Igiebor who said he was only being used
as a tool by the ancestors to deliver the
message to Nigerians and its
leaders explained that Nigeria needs to be
restructured into new zones, to bring about
fairness, equity and justice.
The elder statesman said the 1999 constitution
died with the one hundred years centenary of
the amalgamation of the Northern and
Southern protectorates, pointing out that there
is no “Valid” Constitution at present for the
Federal Republic of Nigeria.
He said a brand new Federal Republican
Constitution must be put in place for Nigeria
to have a credible election going into the
To achieve this, Dr. Igiebor said the outcome
of the 2014 Constitutional Conference must be
fine-tuned and implemented before any
He further clarified that the postponement of
the general elections from February 14th and
28th 2015 was not the making of any
political party, person or groups, but a divine
intervention of the ancestors. Dr. Igiebor
explained that the ancestors are speaking
through President Goodluck Jonathan for the
transformation agenda being pursued by the
The elder statesman and Ambassador of Peace
urged the National Assembly to set aside all
forms of sentiments and obey the
yearning and aspirations of Nigerians by
surrendering to a genuine process that will
allow for enactment and proclamation of a
new Federal Republican Constitution for

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