27 Mar 2015

Photos: Policemen allegedly assault young man returning from work.

According to the twitter user who shared these
pictures this evening, this young man was
allegedly assaulted on his way back from work by
policemen attached to Oworoshoki division. Read
full story after the cut..
As written by a witness...
4 policemen attached to the Oworonshoki division
assaulted this young man few hours ago on his
way back from work. This took place around New
garage/Oworo area of Lagos State.

According to
him he was walking home and walked past the
front of a police vehicle to get to the other side
of the road (This wasn't a restricted area). Just
as he was crossing over, the policemen
sorrounded him and gave him a proper beatdown,
they even hit him several times with their guns
while passersby looked on.
After the beating they threw him inside their
vehicle and asked for money.

They searched his
wallet for money, but they saw his ID card and
realised that he works with @coolfmlagos 's
#CafeRoyal. At this point, for the gazillion time
he asked them why he was dealt with that way
and all the policemen could say was "we think
say you be agbero, u know say election na
Saturday, u no for cross our motor like that"...
Long story cut short, this youngman informed
them that the owners of Cafe royal own cool fm
and her sister stations, he went on to tell them
that he'd report the case to the management so
that the presenters could talk about it and maybe
get him some justice. This resulted in begging on
the side of the policemen and with that they let
him go.

I felt really bad for this young man because he
looked worse than the picture says. He narrated
his experienced with a broken body and spirit.
From illegal killings to assault on innocent
citizens of Nigeria, some members of the police
force have proved that they don't understand
their job description or simply choose to neglect
it. Some of them get away with these things...

This shouldn't continue. Pls kindly repost this and
tag relevant people so that this case will be
investigated and the young man could get some
justice to soothe his aching body and spirit.

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